Neuropathy Treatment

Five Signs of Peripheral Neuropathy:

  1. Numbness
  2. Burning or freezing sensations
  3. Throbbing
  4. Prickling or tingling sensations
  5. Shooting/sharp/electric sensations

Common Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy:

Diabetes, statin drugs, nerve entrapment syndromes, nerve compression, chemotherapy, vascular compromise, metabolic syndromes, nutritional deficiencies, genetics, auto-immune disorders, anemia, and impaired gut/liver/kidney function.


Traditionally neuropathy has only been treated with medications and then more medications; however, as technology has advanced so have treatment options.  The goal of our treatment at Wise Chiropractic is to create an environment that allows nerves to regenerate and heal.  You’ve heard the term “use it or lose it,” and that holds true to nerve reactivation.  Our treatments are designed to activate the nerve fibers and receptors that are damaged so that they can heal and be reactivated.

What we do:

  1. We first consult with each patient to find out if our program will even be effective.  This will consist of a few questionnaires and forms to give us an overview of what specific neuropathy issues you have going on.
  2. Light therapy: We use a combination of LED, laser, and infrared light therapy to optimize circulation, release nitric oxide, decrease inflammation, and promote cell activity.  This help increase the recovery rate of damaged nerves.
  3. Whole Body Vibration Therapy: Vibration therapy has been used in rehabilitation and with athletic performance for years.  It has been shown to help increase muscle strength and endurance, increase blood and lymph fluid circulation, increase nerve activity, and increase bone mineral density.
  4. Proprioceptive Rehabilitation: Neuropathy does not only affect the nerves that cause pain and discomfort, but they affect your proprioceptive nerves too.  These are the nerves that control balance, stability, and coordination.
  5. Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is used to increase area mobility, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, decrease muscle tightness, and decrease pain.
  6. Extremity Adjusting: That’s right, we actually adjust the area directly associated with the neuropathy.  Adjusting helps maintain joint mobility, increase nutrient flow to the joints and surrounding tissues, and relieves nerve tension.
  7. Nutritional Supplementation: Nerves need to have the right kind of fuel to help heal quickly and efficiently, and we make nutritional supplementation and lifestyle modifications to help with this process.

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